701E Tug & 701EL Tug – MGTOW 2,000 kg / 4,500 lbs

  • Easily move small aircraft quickly and safely in tight areas. The model 701E is collapsible for compact stowing. Optional ball hitch attachment for movement of small trailers & campers. The model 701EL is equipped with an extra-heavy-duty battery for longer life.

    Powered ByElectric
    lbs MGTOW4,500
    Lift StyleAxle attachment
    Tug UseAirplane

    Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice.

    Standard Features:

    • 400W effective power
    • 24V DC Electric motor
    • 701E battery life approx. 1 hr (fully charged)
    • 2 – 12V lead-gel batteries
    • 701EL battery life approx. 1 1/2 hour (fully charged)
    • 2 – 12V sealed dry-cell batteries
    • Operator can easily control steering
    • Rocker switch for forward/reverse
    • Adjustable speed
    • Virtually silent when moving
    • Environmentally friendly – no exhaust
    • Easily replace batteries
    • Collapsible design
    • Universal adapter for quick tool-free attachment
    • to a wide range of aircraft
    • Swivel attachment


    • Ball hitch attachment for easy movement of campers, boats & trailers.
    • Headlight
    • Snow Chains
    Turn Without Lifting Tug
    Swivel Attachment

    Axel Attachments

    Cessna #1000574
    without wheel pants
    Cessna #1000871
    with wheel pants
    Cirrus #1000575
    Beech #1000591
    Small Single Engine
    Tail Wheel A/C (Specify)
    Move aircraft up to 4,500 lbs.* MGTOW.

    Long Extensions and Adapters:

    Optional 24” or 30” clamps are needed on some tail wheel aircraft to clear the rudder and/or elevator.

    * Tug performance data based on level, smooth, paved surfaces.

    Warranty Mechanical: 12 months or 500 hours of use
    Warranty Electrical: 6 months or 250 hours of use

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