• The Aeron Hyperion is a compact surveillance solution using HD video and an interchangeable Illuminator
    Module (IM) that can be exchanged prior to deployment or hot swapped in the field. The IM is available in three
    variants: flood, spot, or dynamic zoom.
    The Aeron is a compact, rugged, continuous rotation PTZ camera that has been specifically designed for harsh and
    challenging environments. The visible module features superb low light HD performance, dynamic noise reduction
    (saving bandwidth), intelligent auto exposure and auto focus to enable a crisp image at range.
    The IMs can be configured in a number of Beam Widths ranges from 3-degrees (spot) to 120-degrees (flood), or
    hybrids of these beam widths. The IMs can also be configured with either White, IR (840nm), IR (910nm), Green or
    Red Light.
    The Individual control of these IBs allows for the delivery of hybrid Beam Width and Wavelength IMs. IM consists of
    six individual Illuminator Boards (IBs) that can be addressed individually and deployed with differing Beam Width
    Lenses or LED types.
    When delivered with hybrid Beam Width Lenses the IM can intelligent distribute power between the ‘Flood’ IBs and
    the ‘Spot’ IBs based on the current camera FOV. This ensures no power / light is wasted. Burst Mode allows the
    user to temporarily increase the maximum light output by 20% for a configurable period of time.


    • HD-IP video with 30x optical zoom
    • Target Illuminator up to 500m*.
    • Total max output of 60,000 lumens.
    • Brightness control (1-100%).
    • Strobe mode.
    • Intelligent beam width.
    • Burst mode.
    • Compact housing with a wiper as standard.
    • Multiple mounting options
    • 360° continuous rotation.
    • High performing pan and tilt speeds up to 160° per second.
    • Highly ruggedised and IP67 compliant.

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