Devlet Birimleri

  • Delivering Security and Peace of Mind

    Whether you’re broadcasting video to constituents or holding inter-office all hands meetings, you’ll know your connection is secure and stable.

    Get Your Message Across

    More and more government organizations are using video as an integral aspect of their communications programs. We support you in achieving all of your video distribution goals with high-quality, low-latency video delivered securely to viewers, wherever they may be. Haivision’s video solutions are DODIN-APL certified.

    Government organizations around the world use Haivision for:

    • Streaming within government facilities
    • Distributing video for training and compliances
    • IPTV and Digital Signage for multiple use cases
    • Open meetings

    Communicate with Confidence

    Your departmental All Hands meetings can now be broadcast securely to everyone who needs to view them — live, in high-quality streams, and to any device you choose.

    Using Video for Training, Onboarding, and Compliance

    In any government, there are systems, workflows, and standards that need to be understood and adhered to. By using video, you get an opportunity to ensure that everyone knows what to do, and how to do it. And our end-to-end security and rights features keep your content protected and prevent unwanted leaks.

    Keep Everyone Informed

    IPTV and Digital Signage are just two of the ways that you can keep your government employees engaged and informed. And it can all be done inexpensively through your existing network.

    Embrace Transparency and Open Government

    Stay in step with the demands of constituents, and ensure that they’re getting access to open meetings by broadcasting video over the internet.


    Government Communications

    Government and military leaders routinely make critical decisions that affect people’s lives at the local and national levels. These decisions rely on accurate and timely information from internal teams of advisors, television news networks and any available aggregated information from Command and Control (C2) facilities. Haivision enables this decision support by providing converged video to decision makers throughout the government enterprise.

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