GEMINI Yemleme ve Denetim Kamerası

  • Double IP colour camera

    Integrated sensors

    State of the art technology


    Our Gemini Feeding and Inspection Aquaculture Camera with optimized image quality and user friendly interface is a front end camera in the Aquaculture industry.

    Building on 30 years’ experience of developing high class subsea cameras, we have developed the next generation feeding and inspection camera in close corporation with the Aquaculture industry.

    Using only the best available modules this camera delivers the best possible underwater images. Combined with our own user-friendly software this system gives you a brand new and never seen before overview of your fish.




    • Double IP colour camera,
    • High sensitivity / Colours in dense surroundings,
    • Integrated sensors,
    • State of the art technology,
    • Software client,
    • 360 degrees viewing angle.


    Ethernet: 100/1000Mbit TP
    Ethernet video streaming protocol: RTSP
    Ethernet Control protokoll: ONVIF
    Video compression: H.264 AVC up to 8Mbps (x2)
    Video resolution:1080p@25

    Configuration 1080p zoom colour camera up & down
    Pan 360° continuous
    Tilt ±90°
    Optical zoom 30x
    Angel of view at zoom 1x 61,2°
    Sensitivity colour 0,002 Lux
    Dimensions Ø237 x 562
    Materials POM / Bronze
    Depth rating 150 meter
    Standard connector SubConn DBH13
    Power 24VDC / 40 W
    Weight in air 19 Kg
    Weight in sea water 2 Kg
    Depth sensor Standard
    Temperature sensor Standard
    O2 sensor Option

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