Haivision EMS (Element Management System)


    Haivision EMS is an element management solution featuring a web-based user interface for centrally managing Haivision Makito video encoders and decoders across multiple sites. Whether used for managing broadcast workflows or ISR systems, Haivision EMS provides a significant boost in operational efficiency, intelligent troubleshooting, and increased quality of service – whether you have just a few or hundreds of Makito devices.


    Haivision EMS enables administrators to easily organize and tag Makito X, X1, and X4 devices into different groups based on workflow function, location, or any other criteria. Multiple custom tags can be attributed per device providing full visibility into where each element is located and what valuable function it serves. Easily export valuable data about all paired devices for sharing with inventory management systems and stakeholders.


    Haivision EMS can be used to verify individual device firmware versions and perform batch upgrades to multiple devices. The ability to centrally manage firmware upgrades creates significant operational efficiencies as it greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of keeping devices up to date.


    Haivision EMS enables users to monitor the real-time status of Makito devices as well as streams, all from one place. Monitor the status of each stream and start or stop them remotely from the user interface for fast troubleshooting and simple remote management.

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