HD PTZ Kamera (Model Nu: OE14-522)

  • The OE14-522 Underwater HD PATZ Camera with its uniquely designed, precision machined, omega dome provides completely enclosed pan and tilt viewing angles, previously unobtainable. The domed port and optical zoom provide a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of a 10x magnification for stand off inspection. A smooth belt driven Pan and Tilt mechanism provides accurate and infinitely variable speed control head movement.

    The OE14-522 is a multi-standard camera with the ability to change video formats by IR remote control (RC) or by GUI.

    Video output is available as Component (Y, Pb, Pr) and HD-SDI on coax or fi bre connectors (Single or Multi-mode). CWDM alternative wavelengths are also available. It is possible to easily switch to high resolution composite video output if HD is not required for certain tasks.

    Long line drive can be set by RC or GUI and allows the component signal to drive three matched coax cables with no degradation over 300 metres. In addition to full control of the camera using the GUI, white balance can be set to 3,200K, 5,600K or to auto tracking and back light compensation can be switched on or off using the remote control.

    The IR remote control allows camera control set-up. Camera control can be single wire (tristate), RS485, RS232 or Pelco-D.

    The inclusive Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides control functionality via the serial link.

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