Internal Marine 360° Fixed Camera (Model Nu: 0482-6115)

  • The Imenco 0482-6115 internal marine 360° PoE fixed CCTV camera is an extremely versatile unit that will allow comprehensive viewing in the most challenging conditions with its 360 degree imaging technology offering total situational awareness.

    By enabling high-resolution recording of the entire fisheye view, independent of what an operator is doing, images can be processed during playback as if they were live images. During playback, images can be de-warped and virtual cameras can be generated enabling the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom around the entire scene. Technology Benefits:

    • wider area of coverage with no blind spots
    • 100% coverage live and on playback
    • camera cannot be left looking in the wrong direction
    • no moving parts and no maintenance required
    • completely silent operation

    The camera is unique in the marine CCTV and naval surveillance markets, with the advanced 5MP imaging sensor specifically designed to meet the needs of customers operating in extreme environments where resilience and compliance to stringent regulations are paramount.

    The camera is ONVIF compliant, Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable and can be easily integrated into standard IP network based systems.

    The unit offers full live and retrospective de-warping as well as 10x digital zoom capability through client side de-warping. It supports H.264 compression technology, drastically reducing file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth. With H.264 compatibility included, multiple streams can be simultaneously transmitted in any of these formats at different resolutions, frame rates, and image qualities for versatile platforms.

    The housing material utilized is alochromed and powder coated aluminium, offering excellent anti-corrosion performance. The IP66 / IK10 ratings make the enclosure highly resistant to water, dust, and impact.



    • 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor,
    • 10x Digital Zoom,
    • 360° imaging technology / no moving parts,
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible,
    • ONVIF compliant,
    • Robust IP66 / IK10 rated housing.


    • Situational Awareness,
    • Commercial Vessels,
    • Naval Surface Ships,
    • Ship Engineering Spaces.

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