25mm to 150mm
    25mm to 225mm
    40mm to 300mm

    The Jaegar Ranger LR is a high performance, multi sensor platform which utilises advanced LR uncooled thermal
    sensors with zoom lenses up to 40-300mm alongside a HD visible sensor with a 15.2-500mm lens. The LR range is
    designed to bridge the gap between cooled and uncooled thermal sensor performance. With high sensitivity and
    enhanced contrast levels, the LR range features image stabilisation, autofocus and CLAHE video processing as

    Combining advanced motor drive technology along with harmonic drive gears, all Jaegar camera platforms are able
    to position our longest range sensors accurately and quickly. The Jaegar benefits from a fixed through shaft, which
    can enable payloads such as a RADAR to be mounted directly above the PT director.

    With an IP67 level of environmental protection and hard anodised housings, the Jaegar is suitable for the most
    harsh and challenging applications.


    • Thermal camera detection* ranges up to 11.9km (human) and 18.8km (vehicle),
    • LR advanced uncooled LWIR 12μm, 640 x 480 thermal sensors with zoom lens options up to 40-300mm,
    • HD visible sensor with a 15.2 to 500mm (33x) zoom lens,
    • Through shaft enabling fixed payloads to be mounted above the PT director,
    • 360° continuous rotation with pan and tilt speeds between 0.002° and 100° per second,
    • High level of camera positioning accuracy: 0.0002°,
    • Absolute feedback, virtually zero backlash with automatic self position correction,
    • Unique cable managed, rapid release mechanism and bore sighting allows cameras to be quickly installed and changed in the field,
    • Ruggedised for extreme and challenging environments,
    • IP67 rating,
    • Ideally suited for single mast deployments such as mobile, border and maritime applications.

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