The Jaegar Sonus is a modular, highly directional acoustic hailing device, capable of the precise delivery of both longrange sound (speech) and illumination. To aid operation the system can be paired with either a lowlight HD video
    camera or various thermal cameras for detection and night-time operation. The addition of a zoomable spotlight also
    aids night time operation and can add to the deterrent effect of the system.

    Utilising the latest audio technology, the Jaegar Sonus is available with two hailing options and is capable of
    delivering 154db of sound pressure, which can provide clear, directional and intelligible speech at ranges up to 2.5km.

    By combining these technologies, the Jaegar Sonus can be deployed and controlled remotely to deliver sound
    reinforcement to isolated locations. This system is partially well suited to maritime security, remote critical
    infrastructure, border and mobile security applications,as well as wildlife control.

    As with all Jaegar platforms, the Sonus features a fixed through shaft that enable payloads such as a RADAR to be
    mounted directly above the PT director allowing continued, uninterrupted target detection and tracking.


    • Highly directional sound positioning,
    • Effective deterrent,
    • Can provide clear audible instructions for security or safety purposes,
    • Can be used as part of a multi-layer security system,
    • Accurate long range zoomable spotlightwith strobe effect option,
    • Through-shaft allowing for top payload such as radar,
    • HD visible sensor or thermal sensor for visual verification.


    • Maritime Security,
    • Unamended oil and gas platforms,
    • Remote security,
    • Law enforcement,
    • Perimeter and border protection,
    • Remote wildlife management and control.

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