LOGIPIX A 20 MP Day/Night IR Camera

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  • Logipix ONE 20 MP brings a new quality in video surveillance. Thanks to its 1” sensor and specially developed Image Processing Unit, the camera provides excellent low-light performance, high sensitivity and a resolution that one finds in professional cameras.

    The Logipix ONE 20 MP camera delivers a 20 fps video stream at full resolution, therefore any motion in the footage seems continuous. The device uses the visually lossless JPEG2000 wavelet-based compression method, compressing each frame separately.

    •  A single camera covers large areas with high resolution
    •  Multiple zoom windows at the same time
    •  Utilizing the full resolution during monitoring based on the scalability of JPEG2000 images
    •  Picture enhancement algorithms for foggy, rainy weather conditions
    •  Real-time camera image stitching to create panoramic view and zoom as if it were a single image
    •  LOBJ-14: 75 mm; F2.8; Manual Iris
    •  LOBJ-31: 35 mm; F1.4; Manual Iris
    •  LOBJ-32: 70-200 mm; F2.8; P-Iris
    •  LOBJ-36: 14-50 mm; F2.8; Motorized P-Iris
    •  LOBJ-38: 8 mm; F1.4; Manual Iris
    •  LOBJ-39: 170 mm; F2.6; P-Iris
    •  LOBJ-40: 70 mm; F2.6; Manual Iris
    •  LOBJ-41: 32-80 mm; F2.6; P-Iris
    Airside Augmented Reality
    Border Surveillance
    Critical Infrastructure
    Traffic Violation Detection
    Object detection++++
    Object / target tracking++++
    Object classification++++
    Geofencing+++Not relevant
    Virtual fence+++Not relevant
    Collision prediction+Not relevant+Not relevant
    Proximity alert+Not relevant+Not relevant
    FOD detection+Not relevantNot relevantNot relevant
    Local traffic enforcement+Not relevant+Not relevant
    Public traffic enforcementNot relevantNot relevantNot relevant+
    • 1” size, CMOS image sensor with extra high-sensitivity
    • 20 MP image resolution
    • 20 fps at full resolution
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology
    • Optional external synchronized IR Flash
    • Optional radar for speed measurement
    •  JPEG2000 Wavelet-based image compression
    •  Optical filters to enhance image quality in low-visibility conditions
    •  Automatic switching between Day/Night/IR modes
    •  Automatic Back Focus
    •  1 Gbit LPoE Ethernet port
    •  4 external, programmable I/O

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