LOGIPIX One 200 MP Panorama Camera with Wiper

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  • Logipix offers optional panorama camera structures consisting of several individual Logipix 20 MP cameras. Their The Logipix 200 MP Panorama camera effectively monitors vast areas from a single viewpoint. The device delivers 200 MP resolution video stream with 20 fps frame rate, which forms a revolutionary quality improvement in video surveillance. The precisely stitched panoramic images are produced by 10 pieces of high-end 1” sensors. They ensure high sensitivity, extra wide dynamic range, and improved low-light performance.


    •  Precisely stitched images with white balance and image tone compensation,

    •  Zooming on the panoramic image as if it were a single image,

    •  Multiple zoom windows at the same time,

    •  Utilizing the full resolution during monitoring based on the scalability of JPEG2000 images,

    •  Interactive PTZ control by selecting the area of interest in the panoramic image,

    •  Picture enhancement algorithms for foggy, rainy weather conditions,

    •   Easily configurable time schedule for the automatic self-cleaning system.

    Airside Augmented RealityBorder SurveillanceCritical InfrastructureSafe & Smart City
    Object detection ++ ++
    Object / target tracking++++
    Object classification++++
    Virtual fence++++
    Collision prediction+Not relevant+Not relevant
    Proximity alert+Not relevant+Not relevant
    FOD detection+Not relevantNot relevantNot relevant
    Local traffic enforcement+Not relevant+Not relevant


    • 200 MP image resolution
    • 20 fps at full resolution
    • 180° FoV (Field of View), up to 1.5 km 2 area coverage
    • Full metal rugged design, available with marine grade materials
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology
    • JPEG2000 Wavelet-based image compression
    •  Optical filters to enhance image quality in low-visibility conditions
    •  10 Gbps SFP+ transceiver module
    •  Thermal Control System with active and passive components
    •  Optional window heating in the camera house
    •  Self-cleaning system with built-in water-tank, washer and wipers

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