Makito X with Storage

  • If you stream it, record it


    With 250GB of internal or removable solid state storage options you can stream live, HD video at the lowest bit rates for bandwidth constrained applications, while recording hundreds of hours of HD video directly on the encoder.

    Featuring an intuitive UI, easily export your stored content to FTP servers or Haivision’s media management solutions. The Makito X with Storage represents the ultimate in redundancy for your live video content.


    Record up to 5 days at 5Mb/s or 30 hours at 20Mb/s

    With 250GB (expandable up to 1TB) of either fixed or removable storage, the Makito X with Storage can record up to 5 days at 5Mb/s or 30 hours at 20Mb/s.

    Removable storage is powered by industry standard 2.5” SATA SSD drives, giving you the option to quickly remove a drive once full, and allowing for content backups regardless of how close you are to your main storage/server facility.


    Encoding that adapts to your network conditions

    Makito X offers advanced technology called network adaptive encoding that can adjust video bitrate based on your network conditions, helping ensure that your video stream never fails, even when encountering significant bandwidth fluctuations. When network adaptive encoding is enabled, the Makito X encoder detects if your bandwidth is choked and automatically lowers the video bitrate to provide the best quality stream for the given network conditions. As bandwidth returns to the expected level, the Makito X dynamically adjusts the encoded video bitrate back up to the specified setting.

    Leveraging the power and intelligence of the SRT protocol, the Makito X encoder, with network adaptive encoding, lets you stream from any location over any network, with the peace of mind that your video will continue performing no matter what happens.

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