Medya ve Brodkast

  • Broadcast with Confidence

    The world’s leading broadcasters trust Haivision’s video streaming and encoding solutions for high quality, low latency contribution and distribution workflows.

    Field Contribution
    Get Low Latency Live Video from Remote Locations to Broadcast Centers for Production

    Growing demand for more live and local coverage is presenting new challenges for today’s broadcasters. Internet-based video transport offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative for sending video used in remote workflows and news gathering to broadcast centers. Haivision’s Makito X4 4K video encoder sends high quality, ultra low latency streams over any type of network and condition, including LTE wireless networks, public internet and satellite links affected by weather.

    Monitoring & Return Feeds
    Save on Encoding/Decoding Costs and Network Links

    Haivision’s low latency, bidirectional solutions make sure your remote talent, directors and producers can see live shots before air and during broadcast, communicate for cues and review broadcast feeds on portable monitors.

    Live Interviews
    Bi-directional 4K/UHD or HD Video From Venues
    Stream Interviews On-Air Without the Need for Satellite Links

    Satellite and custom networks can be costly, difficult to schedule and require long lead times. With Haivision’s encoders, decoders and streaming gateways, you can deliver low latency, bi-directional HD video from venues and other remote locations to broadcast studios for live interviews. All you need is a public internet connection, Haivision video streaming solutions and the SRT protocol.
    Remote Production
    Synchronize Multiple Streams from Offsite Locations

    Haivision’s remote production workflows allow you to cover a wide range of live events, including sports, musical performances and news, without the costly overhead of deploying production teams and OB trucks to each site. By streaming synchronized, low latency multi-camera feeds from live events to the broadcast studio over cost-effective IP networks, you can satisfy the need for more content without the traditional costs or the logistical challenges.

    Live Linear to OTT
    Transport Live Linear Content Over Any Network to Data Centers for OTT Delivery

    Haivision’s live linear solutions allow media companies to transport live linear 24/7 channel content or live events to OTT data centers for delivery, reducing the need for costly solutions such as satellite or fiber, and replacing them with flexible and secure IP workflows. Leveraging proprietary networking technologies, Haivision’s live linear solutions give you cost-effective options to quickly deploy new channels, so you can satisfy your viewers’ growing demands for live content.
    Replay Systems
    Make Decisions Faster with Low Latency Video Transport

    Get high quality video where it needs to be instantly for replay systems, remote officiating and game analysis. Haivision’s encoders and decoders are used by professional and collegiate level sports leagues to collaboratively review game play in real-time. Low latency video ensures that game referees and officiators can make faster decisions, helping improve the overall fan experience.

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