Mover Types

  • Boasting the latest technology for the movement of aircraft, Priceless Tugs make it easy for one person to manoeuvre aircraft quickly and safely, in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the ramp. Our tugs move up to 15,000kg, MTOW. All units have mechanical and electrical component warranties.


    LazySusan® is our original towing mechanism and is the perfect way to move aircraft without damage to nose gear. The LazySusan® turntable gives our tug manoeuvrability and ease of handling. Reverse an aircraft in its own wingspan or manoeuvre an aircraft in a tightly packed hangar or ramp area with ease and without over extending the nose gear.

    Cirrus Attachment

    The optional Cirrus Attachment is designed specifically for moving the Cirrus aircraft and can be attached to models: 727, 747FBO and 757FBO.

    Clamp & Lift

    The Clamp & Lift is used for single wheel aircraft without wheel chines. It can be used with wheel pants and is available on models: 717 and 737.

    Pan Style

    The Pan Style Lift is used for aircraft with wheel chines, wheel pants or dual nose wheels.

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