Night Shark Low Light

  • The Night Shark represents Imenco’s latest generation of Ultra Low Light Subsea Video Cameras. This camera delivers unprecedented image quality and performance, exceptional light sensitivity, 3D Noise Reduction, Digital Wide Dynamic Range & Dead Pixel Correction.  The Night Shark offers a significant improvement over its predecessor (Imenco Basking Shark) with extremely low noise levels throughout the Digital Wide Dynamic Range.


    • Min. Scene Illumination 0.0000025 lx. F1.4,
    • Water Corrected Dome Front Port / 105° Diagonal Field of View (In Water),
    • 6.000m Titanium Housing,
    • Composite Video 1.0v 75Ω,
    • Standard Connectors: 5506-1508, CS-MSAJ-9-BCR, SeaNet.

    Video formatComposite PAL or NTSC
    Video Resolution570TVL
    Minimum Illumination0.0001 lx. F1.8
    PortBK7 Dome / Sapphire Flat
    Angle of view Dome Port (in water)105° diagonally / 92° – horizontal
    Angle of view Flat Port (in water)79° diagonally / 67° – horizontal
    Depth rating6,000 msw
    Standard connectorsCS-MSAJ-9-BCR, 5506 – 1508,
    Power requirements24VDC – 4w
    Main dimensions (ex conn.)Ø 79mm / 74mm x 180mm
    Mass in water1.2 Kg

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