RB25A 12/24 1600 peak at 12V and 800A peak at 24V

  • The RB25A 12/24 is a switchable unit that can be changed between 12V and 24V settings. This tough and compact unit has exceptional power to weight ratio.

    Volts DC12 / 24
    Peak Amps1600 (12v) / 800 (24v)
    Maximum S/C Amps3200 (12v) / 1600 (24v)
    Battery TypeLead Acid
    Weight23 kg
    Optional Extras
    • Various output cable lengths
    • Croc Clips
    • Various Connectors
    • 25A, 50A, 75AA or 100 Amp 28vDC Power Supply
    Items Supplied
    • Charger
    • Output Cable
    • Carry Bag


    Max amps 24V800 (Nom. short circuit current)
    1600 (Max. short circuit current)
    Max amps 12V1600 (Nom. short circuit current)
    3200 (Max. short circuit current)
    Capacity 24V17 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
    Capacity 12V34 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
    Max voltage26v DC
    SizeL400 W230 H210 mm
    Weight23 kg
    Operating Temp-40°C – + 60°C
    CaseStainless Steel
    Voltage IndicationDigital to IP65
    Auxiliary ProtectionCircuit breaker 20A
    Auxiliary Input29V DC
    Aircraft Cable2 m heavy duty
    Charger4 Amp universal AC input. Charging time less than two hours from 50%
    ProtectionReverse polarity warning

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