RB3-400-3kW-GBE – 115V 400Hz Tek Faz Çıkışlı, Azami 3kVA

  • Frequency400hz
    Output Power (kvA)3kVA

    The RB3-400-3kW-GBE frequency converter offers low price fixed voltage single phased full isolation between the output voltage and the incoming supply, and the output neutral may be earthed externally if required. The unit is fully protected against overcurrent and temperature conditions, RB3-400-3kW-GBE are supplied with input and output cables. This RB3-400-3kW-GBE is normally supplied as a free standing bench top unit; but can also be built in a rack mount configuration if required at no extra cost. A support shelf or bracket would be required when the rack mounting option if specified: these are not supplied with the unit, as their dimensions will depend on the arrangement of the cabinet or rack.

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