Reef Shark

  • Based on our customers requirements, we have developed Reef Shark which is a small special diving subsea camera rated to 3000MSW.

    The very small and lightweight Reef Shark camera is ideal as a divers helmet camera or as a tool camera for all types of inspection purposes.

    The camera utilizes a quality camera module and is fitted in a duplex steel housing, all at a very moderate cost.

    Main dimensions (ex conn.)Ø 30 / 86
    Video Resolution750 TVL
    Video formatComposite SD Video
    Angle of view – wide (in water)64° diagonally / 53° – horizontal
    Light sensitivity0,1 Lux
    Front portFlat / acrylic
    HousingDuplex steel
    Depth rating4 000 msw
    Standard connectorMCBH6M
    Power requirements12VDC / 0,7W
    Mass in air0,5 Kg
    Mass in Water0,15 Kg

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