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  • SDoT Classified Information Registry (SIS & SD)

    Manage digital and physical classified information. The classified data management solution SDoT Secure Integrated Services & Depository (SIS & SD) is developed in Germany according to security by design principles. It meets Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) regulations for classified information handling and the classified information protection handbook for commercial companies of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

    SDoT SIS & SD combines the advantages of the SDoT Security Gateway and SDoT Labelling Service cross domain solution accredited up to German, EU and NATO SECRET with an open interface for third party applications as well as the physical classified information management platform Security Control developed by nordtec. The SDoT Classified Information Registry is a solution for government, defense and defense contractor clients.


    Handling digital and physical classified data assets (e.g. Restricted, Secret, Top Secret) presents a challenge to many organizations. Classified material needs to be secured at all times and be kept under constant surveillance when removed from its security container. Every access needs to be recorded in the classified information registry. At the same time digital data is growing rapidly just as the need for collaboration. However, classified data in digital form has to be transferred to a physical form to be stored within a classified information registry. This does not longer seem like a feasible and efficient solution to protect the “need to know” and maintain an audit trail. The SDoT SIS & SD solution tackles this challenges from multiple angles with a modern open architecture and integration of proven technology solutions.

    Universal Architecture
    Multi-role concept
    No media break
    Secure architecture
    Audit trail

    Security Control von Nordtec

    A solution for German classified data and personel sabotage protection. Includes modules for physical classified asset management, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) vistors log or facilty security management.

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