• The Imenco SubVIS Ross Ultra Low Light IP Subsea SmartCamera offers exceptionally high image quality in Ultra-Low Light conditions, low latency IP video streaming, standard 6000m Titanium housing, Wide Angle dome front port with 105° diagonal / 92° horizontal viewing angles and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor. One of the most innovative and exciting features of the Imenco SubVIS system is that our SubVIS SmartCameras LED lights / Lasers / P&T units etc. have the ability communicate & control one another. This allows i.e. the camera to communicate to the LED lights to reduce their intensity and deliver optimum levels of light according to their surrounding environment.

    For the first time, live subsea video can be digitally transmitted via Ethernet without significant latency. The Subsea Visual Intelligence System (SubVIS) platform is based on embedding a computer into the camera, making it ready for advanced image enhancement and Computer Vision. We effectively produced a dedicated computer especially designed for low latency video processing and streaming, based on Smart Phone technology inside of the camera. Full digital video transmission opens up an array of applications in the control room. This system also allows for the use of image Metadata, which represents great advantages.

    Similar to Smart Phone technology, an important part of Imenco’s philosophy is to ensure an open architecture to allow third parties to fully integrate these cameras into their control systems and to write software applications to increase the popularity and usefulness of our platform. This will allow you the freedom to tailor the package to suit your own specific demands, as well as integrating your own video analysis function algorithms, image enhancement etc. on top of the core software.

    Main dimensions (ex conn.)Ø 79 / 74 x 238
    Min. illumination0.000005 lux
    Lens systemFixed
    Front portDome (WA)
    Angle of view – (in water)92° hor. / 105° – dia.
    Depth rating6 000 msw
    Standard connectorSubconn DBCR2013M
    Power requirements24VDC / 15W
    Mass in air2,6 Kg
    Mass in water1,8 Kg

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