IN-8001 FHD LAN/WLAN IP Camera

  • The new LAN / Wifi model IN-8001 Full HD is a new small indoor ip camera that has a build in 90 degree wide angle lens as well as a PIR heat sensor and invisible 940nm infrared LEDs.

    1080p, WDR
    IR Nachtsicht
    10x 850nm IR-LEDs
    Pan & Tilt
    350° Schwenken 100° Neigen
    90º dia. Blickwinkel
    Passiver IR Sensor
    Wärmeempfindlicher Bewegungssensor
    Software-basierte Erkennung
    E-Mail Alarm
    E-mail Alarm Benachrichtigung
    PUSH Alarm
    PUSH Benachrichtigung
    an Ihr Handy
    Alarm Vorlauf
    Alarm Aufnahmen
    mit 3s Vorlauf
    Native Smarthome
    Unterstützung mit MQTT
    Ring storage
    Storage duration customizable
    for recordings
    Alarm Sound
    Notification sound when
    alarm is triggeredt
    Modern WebUI
    Clean Interface,
    Easy Configuration
    Free Apps
    For access with mobile
    Encrypted DDNS-Access,
    Email- & FTP-Transfer
    User Management
    Administrator, User
    account, Guest account
    Via Noise Detection
    Photo Series
    Save snapshots to FTP(S)/Email/
    SD in a settable time interval
    Video Recording
    Save alarm videos on
    internal SD card
    Alarm Schedulet
    Scheduled alarm activation
    WiFi Connection
    IEEE 802.11 b/g/n mit bis
    zu 108Mbit
    WPS Setup
    Easy WiFi Setup via WPS
    Onvif Standard
    Easy integration through
    Onvif 2.4
    DDNS & P2P
    P2P also supports IPv6 and
    DS-Lite Internet connections
    Audio In
    Built-in Microphone
    Built-in speakers &
    3,5mm audio jacket
    Privacy Mask
    Black out areas you don’t
    want to capture
    Alarm Areas
    Up to 4 customizable
    alarm detection areas
    FTP Upload
    Upload via ftp to external
    SD Memory Card
    Supports SDHC up to 128GB
    Optional Cloud Integration
    Transfer recordings to our
    secure Cloud Platform

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