IN-9008 FHD LAN/POE Camera

    • 1080p Full HD Outdoor Camera with integrated PIR. All-new INSTAR WebUI, HTTPS via external DDNS Connection and much more…
    • Product Description
    • INSTAR wide-angle camera with PANASONIC FullHD video sensor and heat sensitive motion sensor (PIR)
    • The INSTAR Full HD series is the result of years of experience in the surveillance market and close customer contact.
    • The 1080p PANASONIC CMOS SENSOR with customizable Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) delivers a crystal clear image. The integrated WDR helps to avoid overexposure or underexposure even with the worst lighting situations.
    • In order to keep everything in sight, the IN-9008 Full HD utilizes a high quality 4.3mm lens to display an image with a 90º viewing angle. In combination with infrared night vision and the passive infrared heat sensor, no movement will be missed!
    PANASONIC CMOS Sensor 1080p, WDR
    IR Night Vision 5x 850nm Hi-Power-IR-LEDs
    W-A Zoom Lens
    – max 120º diag.
    – max 4x Zoom
    – Auto Focus

    No more Cables, no more unnecessary & unused connectors

    The design of this outdoor camera was completely new developed in order to fullfill the wishes of our customers. Therefore it is now possible to insert only the cable that is needed as there is no more connection cable with a lot of connectors. Thanks to the new concept design, you can now simply put, for example, only the power cord from the power supply through a small hole on the wall into the camera in case you want to connect the camera via WPS.

    Reliable Alarm Detection with less False Alarms!

    With a built-in state-of-the-art Panasonic passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and four separately configurable alarm areas that can be linked together, the camera prevents false alarms and notifies you only when a real alarm is triggered.

    Passive IR Sensor Heat sensitive motion sensor
    Motion Detection Software based detection
    E-Mail Alarm E-mail Alarm Notification
    PUSH Alarm PUSH Notification to your mobile device
    Alarm Buffer Alarm videos incl. 3s Pre-recording
    Alarm Masks up to 4 customizable alarm areas
    Alarm signal Siren output (only with ext. speakers)

    Introducing our new, modern & interactive INSTAR WebUI!

    You can open the WebUI using a modern HTML5 based web browser on your computer. This user interface is designed to lead the user through the necessary configuration and beyond. Invalid settings will be prevented and visibly marked with recommendations to solve the problem. As usual, INSTAR will provide owners of an INSTAR camera with regular software updates to improve the functionality of the device.

    Modern WebUI Clean Interface, Easy Configuration
    HTTPS ve SSL Encrypted DDNS-Access, Email- & FTP-Transfer
    User Management Administrator, User account, Guest account
    DDNS & P2P Remote Access IPv6 compatible via P2P

    The IN-9008 Full HD comes with a 16GB Micro SD card (upgradable to max. 128GB) for video recordings and quick snapshots. The FTP Upload can ensure a secure storage of all data outside your own network. Emails including snapshots as well as PUSH Notifications directly to the free InstarVision App for your smartphones & tablets will notify you of all activities in front of the camera. An optional CLOUD service is also available. Records will be uploaded to a secure data center in Germany and can be accessed from any IOT-device. Records uploaded to the cloud will undergo an additional false alarm screening. Actual alarms & false alarms will be displayed in an orderly fashion. Different rule sets can be used to manage all your records.

    4.3mm Wide-Angle Lens A high quality lens offers 90º in horizontal viewing angle. Enough to mislead people into thinking that they are outside the video picture.
    2MP Full HD Resolution Several image options allow you to get the best video image out of any lighting situation.
    16GB MicroSD included
    FTP Upload
    Upload via ftp to external storages
    Photo Series
    Save snapshots in fix intervals
    Audio Out Connect speakers via 3,5mm audio jacket
    Audio In Built-in Microphone
    Free Apps
    for access with mobile devices
    Responsive WebUI Clean & responsive interface
    SD Memory Card supports SDHC up to 128GB
    Video Recording save video files on SD memory
    WiFi Connection IEEE 802.11 b/g/n mit bis zu 108Mbit
    WPS Setup Easy WiFi Setup via WPS
    Optional Cloud Integration Transfer recordings to our secure Cloud Platform
    Privacy Mask Black out areas you don’t want to capture
    Alarm Schedule Scheduled alarm activation

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