SPYNEL-X Marıtıme


    Spynel is the impressive system for all-weather, 24/7 surveillance of ports, ships, platforms at sea, ideal for the surveillance of perimeters ranging over several kilometers. Capturing videos with an unequaled resolution of up to 120 Mpix, Spynel-X provides powerful situation awareness over 360 degrees, with the highest detection range in its category. Associated with Cyclope advanced intrusion detection software, it provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats, in the whole surroundings, up to the horizon.


    Compact and robust, Spynel can be quickly deployed to perform early intrusion alert over extremely large areas in total darkness, fog, smoke. Unaffected by sea clutter, this surveillance device is highly effective when tracking small crafts, RIBs, wooden boats and even swimmers. As a completely passive system, it is invisible to intruders, cannot be tricked by camouflage nor jamming. It operates 24/7, whatever the weather. Using a high-end MWIR sensor, Spynel-X exhibits high performance, including in warm and humid regions.


    • Maritime wide area surveillance,
    • Asymmetrical threats detection,
    • Seaports and harbors protection,
    • Coastal and border passive surveillance,
    • Offshore platforms and oil rigs security,
    • UAV, USV, low air target tracking,

    Self-protection of ships,
    • Fight against piracy,
    • Fight against smuggling and drug trafficking,
    • Night time navigation,
    • Search and rescue.


    • High-end system in the Spynel series,
    • Cost effective and reliable surveillance system,
    • Full 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor,
    • Long range surveillance up to the horizon,
    • Day and night panoramic scrutiny even in adverse weather conditions,
    • Automatic, simultaneous tracking of all threats with superior image quality,
    • Compact, robust, lightweight equipment, for a fast deployment,
    • Fully passive system, totally undetectable.

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